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Strategic Decision Making and strategic Planning can be a wasteful exercise in self-delusion.  It depends upon group dynamics, and the way corporate work groups and senior staff interact.  Generally it’s hard for an insider — particularly the CEO — to change this, without being ‘yessed’ to death. 

In a global marketplace, effective communication is key to everything classroomxx_000we do.  Whether it’s with clients, within work groups, or with senor staff.  What we say, what we write, and how we do it, materially affects the impact we have.  But effective communications require effective strategy.

Implementing a Strategic Sales Program can energize, focus, and motivmarinecompassate your sales-outreach efforts.  With over 30 years experience in international sales, we’ve produced well over $500 Million in revenue.  So we bring serious experience to the program.  Could your sales force work smarter, communicate more effectively, and bring in more business?  Would you like to improve margins, control expenses, and make sales management simpler?


Our programs build positive attitude, effective goal setting and skills development in a process that results in greater energy and better use of your organization’s natural potential… fast!

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